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Town Of Black Creek Contacts
Elected Town Officials:         
Dan Knutzen, Chairman and Zoning Administrator                        
N6214 Wick Road                             
Black Creek, WI  54106-8464            
Daniel Rettler, 1st Supervisor
W4926 County Road B
Black Creek, WI  54106-7902

Tom Neubert, 2nd Supervisor
W5129 Wolf Road
Black Creek, WI  54106-7927

Karen Herman, Clerk                       
N5295 Twelve Corners Road            
Black Creek, WI  54106-7928            

Jeri Ohman, Treasurer
N5687 Twelve Corners Road
Black Creek, WI  54106-7933

Mike Garvey, Constable
W4107 Kropp Rd

Black Creek, WI  54106-7985


Building Permits:  Dan Rettler at 920-850-5311

Building Inspector:  Paul Hermes  920-858-0102

Hall Rentals Contact:  Dan Rettler at 920-850-5311

Town Assessor:  Borree Services 920-766-9166

Planning Commission
Dan Knutzen 
William West
Norman Steffens
Lee Lemke
Michael Garvey
Board of Appeals 
Fred Herman
Brian Gruendemann
Darrin Stingle
Jeff McNichols
Robert Schmidt, Jr.

Town Hall Phone Number:  920-984-1116 (no message)
Town Hall Address:  
N6051 Twelve Corners Rd (No Mail Recepticle)
                                         Black Creek, WI  54106
Mailing Address:       N5295 Twelve Corners Rd
                                                        Black Creek, WI  54106-7928